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2023-2024 Practice Players


In an effort to allow more players in the area the opportunity to train to better their individual and team knowledge of the sport and offer skill training Next Revolution is offering practice player positions on a limited basis. 


Players will have the opportunity to attend practices regularly offered (excluding Sundays) and will be placed by Next Revolution based on their current skill level.  Players will also be able to purchase gear and uniforms and are allowed to dress with the team for tournaments if they would like the experience however they will not play in any matches. Players who choose to attend tournaments do so on their own knowledge that they are responsible for their own travel costs and will also pay an additional fee. Practice players do not have to participate in any tournaments if they do not wish to.


Practice players will participate in skill building, team drills and often times be included in scrimmaging depending on the coach’s plans for practice. Practice players will have the opportunity to also participate in NRV clinics as an NRV player. Practice players will not be used in game rotation prep or drills that are needed to work on lineups for the team.

Substitute Opportunities:
Should a need arise for an essential position to be filled for a tournament (for example a player is unable to attend due to illnesss) a practice player MAY be asked to be a rostered playing player for a tournament. This would be a rare occasion and would only be extended after approval from the NRV board to the head coach. The player would pay an additional fee for this opportunity.

Length of Season:
Practice players will be practicing December 11th, 2023 until middle/end of March 2024. They may attend all practices excluding Sundays. 

If interested please use the link below to register. Questions may be sent to