Travel Volleyball FAQs

We hope you find this section helpful and that it answers any questions you have about travel volleyball with Next Revolution Volleyball. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

  • What should I do if my child is new to volleyball or new to travel clubs?   If your child is new to the sport, NRV offers a Developmental Program for players ages 9-13 to learn fundamental volleyball skills.  If you are new to travel volleyball, speak to a board member, coach, or parents that have experience with travel volleyball. Travel teams have a season that runs from December through March/April with multiple practices per week. Participating in travel volleyball will also mean attending 5-10 tournaments on the weekends (a combination of single day and multi-day tournaments).  Single day tournaments are typically an all day event depending on format, while multi-day tournaments usually require going out of town for 2-3 days at a time.  The cost of hotels/food for players is not included in the team fee.
  • How do I know which age group my child should play in? The tryouts page includes a definition of player age groups based on date of birth. Each player should attend the tryout for their specific age group.  NRV does not accept requests for players to play on an older team. Should the coach of an older team decide it may be in a player's best interest to "play up" to an older level, that coach will invite the player to also attend the tryout for that age group.
  • When are tryouts usually held? Tryouts are usually held in late Sep/early Oct and run in order from youngest ages to oldest. 
  • How often do teams practice?  Teams will hold scheduled practices two times per week. Coaches may decide to supplement their schedule with an additional practice on occasion or may decide to begin their season holding three practices a week throughout the first month of the season.
  • How is a team's schedule determined?  The coaching staff for each team outlines the tournament schedule they feel is best for their team.  Coaches weigh factors such as expected level of competition, distance, tournament cost, etc. when trying to create their schedule. 
  • When more than one team is offered per age group, does the second team only play locally? At Next Revolution, each coaching staff is allowed to create a schedule for their team. We do not mandate that any team only participate in local events unless a team is formed specifically for that purpose.  Many of our teams run similar schedules and try to offer full travel tournament experiences. Projected schedules and projected fees for each team are posted at tryouts, so each family can get a picture of the type of experience that team plans to offer.   
  • How many players are on a team?  The number of players on a team can vary. Teams generally have between 9-12 players. Team structure is up to each coach to decide based on their specific strategy.
  • How are fees determined? A total cost is calculated for each team depending on numerous factors such as tournament schedule/entry cost, length of season, number of coaches, travel costs for coaches, etc. Once the total team cost is determined, it is divided equally by the number of players on that team. 
  • How far away are tournaments?  Single day tournaments attended by NRV teams are generally within 90 minutes of Roanoke, though some teams may travel to locations such as Richmond. The majority of multi-day tournaments we attend are within a 2-4 hour drive, though teams that attempt to qualify for Nationals may venture even further. 
  • What do USAV, AAU and ODR mean?
    • USAV (USA Volleyball) is the primary governing body of volleyball in the country. Most tournaments attended by NRV teams are sanctioned by USAV.  ODR (Old Dominion Region) is the specific region within USAV that NRV is a part of based on our geographic location. All NRV players must register with USAV/ODR and complete their required reffing/scorekeeping online clinics in order to participate in the travel season. All NRV coaches (age 18 and older) are required to complete official training outlined by USAV/ODR as well as undergo a background check every two years. USAV/ODR also insures players who practice at covered facilities and sanctioned tournaments.
    • AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) is another sports organization that provides their own sanctioned tournaments, coaching requirements, and coverage. NRV plans to have players also become registered with AAU to ensure participation in all AAU events is possible.
  • What if I am unable to pay the full installments when due or need a payment plan?  NRV requires that all players submit their initial $500 deposit in order to hold their roster spot. This deposit is non-refundable as this is a commitment being made to your team.  Anyone who needs assistance may contact NRV at to discuss alternate payment schedules, etc. prior to further installments being due.  We are happy to work with families that need alternate arrangements made; we just ask that you reach out to us.
  • Are there any fundraising options?  Coach Amanda McCoy works to provide several fundraisers throughout the season. The local Shamrock Festival in March also provides players with a fundraiser through selling advertising to local businesses.