2019 NRV Team Rosters and Fees*

*Deposits and payments are non-refundable. Accepting a position on a team means agreeing to share in the total cost of that team for the full season. Final costs will be determined as soon as all rosters are complete and the tournament schedule has been set.

Deposit of $500 due immediatelyto accept roster spot. Second payment will be due Nov 1. Third payment due Dec 1.​​

​​​If you need to break the installments down into smaller amounts, please use the "Donate" button below instead of the individual team payment options listed beside each team roster. If you need to arrange a payment plan, please email us at nrvwebmaster@outlook.com.​​

2019 NRV 14 Craig

  • Ellie Kate Beaumont  Faith Christian
  • Emily Eanes  Faith Christian
  • Emma Kelley  Northside
  • Natalie McMahon  Glenvar
  • Karmin Osborne  Faith Christian
  • Gracean Ratliff  North Cross
  • Reese Redford  Andrew Lewis
  • Abby Stoehr  William Byrd
  • Emily Tuck  William Byrd
  • Lilah Vanke  James Madison

2019 NRV 13 K. McCoy

  • Ava Amos  Cave Spring
  • Terran Brown  William Byrd
  • Mary Chamberland  Andrew Lewis
  • Christina Ellis  Read Mountain
  • Anne Hayden Hall Andrew Lewis
  • Abby McNamara  Cave Spring
  • Lillian Pearson  Glenvar
  • Taylor Prillaman  James Madison
  • Ella Pullin  Cave Spring
  • Claire Thielecke  James Madison
  • Grace Warman  Read Mountain
  • Elle Williams  Cave Spring

2 Installments after deposit

2 Installments after deposit

2019 NRV 15 A. McCoy

  • Mattie Andrews  William Byrd
  • Abbey Burton  Hidden Valley
  • Grace Cauley  Rockbridge
  • Hartley Cockram  Glenvar
  • Erika Gibson  Northside
  • Claire Harris  Rockbridge
  • Ashley Hostetter  Rockbridge
  • Laura McDaniel  Salem
  • Lydia Newhouse  Rockbridge
  • Emma Patterson  Roanoke Catholic
  • Nikkolette Paxton  Staunton River
  • Rylee White  Lord Botetourt

2019 NRV 15 Gaston

  • McKenzie Burch  Lylburn Downing
  • Baylee Compton  Northside
  • Maddie Dahl  Lylburn Downing
  • Sydnee Durham  Patrick Henry
  • Laini Hawkins  Lord Botetourt
  • McKenzie Hines  Maury River
  • Rachel Hines  Maury River
  • Halle Joyce  Salem
  • Carsyn Kotz  William Byrd
  • Olivia Perrine  Lord Botetourt
  • Olivia Reichardt  Patrick Henry

2019 NRV 14 Conner

  • Ella Ashworth  William Byrd
  • Cara Butler  Glenvar
  • Audrey Conner  Glenvar
  • Isabella Gustafson Glenvar
  • Callie Harris  James Madison
  • Rhyan Harris  Glenvar
  • Hannah Hylton  Glenvar
  • Sydney Loder  Glenvar
  • Jaden McCoy  Lylburn Downing
  • Faren Wilson  Glenvar

2019 NRV 18 Ellis

  • Scottie Cook  Lord Botetourt
  • Gracyn Draney  Jefferson Forest
  • ​​Alexis Ellis  Lord Botetourt
  • Heather Forton  Jefferson Forest
  • Hannah Green  Glenvar
  • Chloe Ingersoll  New Covenant
  • Abbey Justice  Franklin County
  • Grayson Kendrick  Northside
  • Sarah Shanton  Jefferson Forest
  • Alison Stoehr  William Byrd

2 Installments after deposit

2 Installments after deposit

2019 NRV 17 Hristov

  • Faith Andrews  William Byrd
  • Grace Blount  Glenvar
  • Anna Dandridge  Patrick Henry
  • Grayce Dantzler  William Byrd
  • Lexi Dean  William Byrd
  • Jordan Fitchett  Patrick Henry
  • Rachel Justice  Franklin County
  • Allison Laine Bassett
  • Haley Steffan  Salem 
  • Annelise Wolfe  Lord Botetourt

2 Installments after deposit

2019 NRV 16 King

  • Bailey Calhoun  Chatham
  • Macy Calhoun  Chatham
  • Bailey Conner  Glenvar
  • Caroline Craig  Glenvar
  • Clara Fleshman  Rockbridge
  • Jenna Hux  Glenvar
  • Madie Loyd  Salem
  • Kasey McKee  William Byrd
  • Lauren Stone  Franklin County​
  • Katherine Thompson  Liberty 

2 Installments after deposit

2 Installments after deposit

2 Installments after deposit